Why won't this link work? (link to a section on another page)

Hye Guys, I am trying to link to a section on another page in my site from my Nav bar. I read the tutorial and clicked the first option for linking and typed this"/newptpage#FAQ. That would be for the FAQ section on the new patient page. What am I missing here, because it won’t work?


Probably will work when published only, not in the designer.

Hm, interesting. By published, you mean live? So there is no way to “proof” this before going live or am I misunderstanding?

Hi i did have the same problem be sure to use small letters in your link

Thanks, tired to make all letters lowercase and still no dice. There has to be some way to test this functionality without going live, no?

I mean publish to http://louiss-radical-project-d73ee4.webflow.io so we can see the issue.

I have exact the same problem.
The anchor link from another page works once then it only jumps to the site but stays on top…

I tried very mutch but nothing helps.

Here is the link with the section ID behind.

In the menu its the link Aktuelles
When you are on the start page and click the link it works fine but from every other page it jumps only to the startpage but not to the specific section (sometimes it works but most of the time not)


That is what you need to fill in the link field. copy the link address from the slug field as marked in attached screenshot. hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks Shokoaviv, but that is just for a mock page where I stored the info. That “page” is not going to be part of the site. That info is in a section on the “New pt page” - and I want the link to go to that section, within the new pt page.

Samliew - maybe I don’t understand what you mean by "publish? Can you elaborate? Your not just taking about the link i can generate, are you?


No, that’s the public share link of the designer. You’ll have to actually publish the site.

samliew - thanks. That helped a ton and I was able to get it functioning. Now sure I like it now, but it works as I intended :).