Why my website loads so slowly?

Hi all! :wave:t3:
I’d really appreciate your help and suggestions on this.

My website runs super slowly and I’m running out of ideas what that could be.
I’m running a few other Webflow sites and never ran into such a problem.

This website shows a blank white screen for 3-5 seconds and only then loads all of the content.

For context:

  • I’m still about to optimize some images (from .pngs to .webp using Webflow compression); already compressed some but I’ll do the same for the homepage.
  • I’ve optimized pics for the blogs, for example, and they also load same slowly;
  • I’ve just deleted the Google Analytics code, Google Optimize code and Facebook Pixel (under site’s settings;
  • I’m using some custom code but just a few lines (mostly for some custom formatting) (and literally 3 lines of code for a blog items slider - which you can see on the homepage, too).
  • My website is connected to a custom domain (.club) - from the same company I used to buy all other domains and they do work fine.

The fonts are not taking up a lot of space as well - I’m mostly using Montserrat and Inter in a few bits.

Any suggestions? I cannot leave it like this.
Thank you fam!

Here is my site Read-Only:


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Put all image in img element in webp
don’t use backgroung CSS image : because in this case image are not resized automaticly based on the size of screen.

dont use google font. Copy font in the site = > review all the classes and select static font to avoid google font to load = > on all pages of the site

set all image appart from the first to lazy load