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Photos loading really slow?

Can anyone help me figure out why my photos are loading very slow on my samples page?

Your images are around 2000px x 2000px which are very big. Try to resize and optimise the images.

When using images for icons/graphics do 2x px size for crisp image on Retina displays. So in your case with the heart thumbnails where they are around 200px width then do max 400px width.

Ohhhh, thank you I will resize them all!

This is not so much an issue about the dimensions; it’s the format you’re using.

PNG is great because it preserves transparency, but even if you scale these images images to 400x381 as suggested above, most will still be sized at well over 200 KB, meaning the total assets could reach over 2 MB. Of course, at the current size, some of them are 3 to 4 MB each! :open_mouth:

Here’s the thing: your website’s background is white—this means you don’t need that transparency! The same assets using high quality JPEGs at 400x381 are less that 50 KB each, saving as much as 80% compared to PNG and almost 99% compared the original, larger PNGs! :+1:

I recommend you Caesium (lossless image compressor):
The default settings are good! You may still tweak it for best results.

In this topic you can find other alternatives: Best Image Optimization Tools


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