Why is there no vh or vw on my design interface

I have been experiencing different features on the webflow design interface depending on browser. I have no option for vw or vh in any of my browsers and the “+” to add element is not on my chrome. I updated the browser and still it does not show the features that I need. Can anyone tell me if they experienced the same issues and how they solved it?

Hi @LingLing

I usually type in VW and VH to use those options (Chrome) as they aren’t in the small list that pops up.

It seems strange that the + to add element is not showing though…

I’ll move this to Bugs for now - maybe @mistercreate or @Brando could check it out and see if there have been any other reports.

In the meantime, please update with more detail about the browser settings you have, and where you are seeing things missing, also make sure to try in Incognito mode - this stops plugins from messing with the Designer experience :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @LingLing, if the issue persists, you may also contact the support team directly at https://university.webflow.com/contact.

I tried to reproduce the same behavior but was unable to see that, it could very well be a browser extensions issue as @StuM mentioned, so trying incognito mode should help.

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