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VH and VW no show in safari Help

VH and VW are not working properly in safari 5.1, what is the work around for this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Should totally work. What browser version are you on?

This is a handy site where you can check whether you can use

here is my link

This is what I see, how do I find what browser version I Have?

should look like this

I’ve tested it on Safari and it worked fine.

To find the browser version:

ok thank you! I don’t have a mac and the latest version of safari on windows is 5.1 so I can’t see the updated results.

Aah, alright. Figured that you were on a mac :sweat_smile:

Well, apparently Safari 5.1 doesn’t have VW and VH support :confused:


Safari 5.1 did not support VW and VH. As Michael pointed out on Select show all to view the historical expanded view of browser stats. Safari did not offer full support until version 6.1

Safari 5.1 is significantly outdated and no longer supported by Apple.

The best method as a workaround is to ask the user to upgrade to a modern browser as they are missing numerous features, CSS and media support and security fixes.

Otherwise, you would need to replace all instances of VW and VH with percentages and define a percentage height of 100% on the body.

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