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Why is the content moving?

Hey everyone.

Just getting started on my first Webflow project. This might be a pathetic question, but when I resize the browser (from bottom, directly upwards) the content is being pushed up too.

What Am I doing wrong?

Here’s the page I’m working on…

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Follow this Course :

Your main mistake:
You create px width elements - than all of your content go out of the viewport on small screens.

Big Paragraphwidth is 740 PX (In all screens). If the viewport is less than 740px your layout start to look “broken” (“moving”)

How to solve this:
Change Big Paragraph width to auto (block element like saying “100%”) -or- use %(Same idea for the wrapper and other elements).

  • Also do not set height for text blocks

More tutorials:

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Thank you for your reply Ezra.

I removed the 60vh for the top section. This fixed it :slight_smile: