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Confused on things moving places while resizing window size


So, I’m relatively new to Webflow, and have been trying to make my portfolio website, but I’ve been running into a ton of issues when it comes to things moving on me when I’m changing the screen size to check responsiveness.

For example:

Here is one of my project pages at full size, but when resized down it looks like this:

The image moves in and up on the right side, the font doesn’t decrease in size but I want these elements to resize as they are at 100% going down to a smaller size and stay in the same place that I’ve put them among the different screen sizes.

Another example here with a button that I’m trying to have stuck in place middle of “Say Hi”:

But when I downsize screens it shifts completely to the right

Here is a read only link to my website if this is any help as I figure I am probably doing a bunch of things wrong, but:

Thank you!