Images slight movement

Hey all,

So when I load my site it works perfectly, then after a few seconds, the bottom thumbnails seem to move apart.

Why is this?!

I’m a beginner in Webflow so I’m sure its something I am doing.

Otherwise, it could be a bug.



Hi @ryan585

First off, welcome to the Forums! Stoked to have ya.

I’m thinking the issue is that you have the parent link element set to a 50% width, but the inline element inside doesn’t have any explicit width set.

You can set a 100% width (or minimum width) on the image element to fix this:

Hope this helps :smiley:

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I’m having this same issue on my Good Burrito Page. Tried forever to fix it. Been driving me bonkers. I tried what was suggested above but that didn’t fix anything unfortunately. Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks.

ahh the small things :smile:

brilliant - thanks for all your help

that was driving me nuts!

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