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Can't figure out why my site is scrolling horizontally

Hi guys,

Have had this issue on other sites before and always managed to solve it, but this time I just can’t work it out - I have an unwanted sideways scroll of varying width through the site.

It also doesn’t show in preview, only published site:

Any insight would be a massive help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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On the top of my head I’ll say you’re using 100VW for the width of the elements just under the body?

100% ≠ 100vh, use 100% anytime you can.

The gap you’re having depends on how the OS preferences are set regarding the handling of scrollbars system wise. And that affects what the browser considers as the viewport or not.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried both 100% and 100VW on my sections and it didn’t make any difference. That’s usually the fix for me but this time I’m stumped.

Ah! Going to click on your links so…

Combination of things

Hero slider inside of work section is still 100vw and provoque a tiny scroll.

Big scroll is provoked by your big position:absolute elements that are moving on scroll. At least when I delete them the scroll doesn’t happen anymore.

Thanks for your help, I’ll look into why they’re doing that. Appreciate it!