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Why does the webflow form suck so bad?

I honestly don’t understand webflow forms? So you create a contact form and it sends you an email that looks like it was from 1992?

We created a complex contact form with simple inputs and the email that we receive when someone submits is insane. True & False answers for most everything.

There’s got to be a better way!

Check out the contact page

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There are plenty of third-party form processors that smoke Webflow form handling. See the list in the university for options. Integrations | Forms & surveys | Webflow University

As for why Webflow forms suck ( I agree that they do), It seems that Webflow focuses on adding new shiny features instead of polishing the product further and that is a real shame.


@webdev Hey Jeff, thank you for your answer, it’s greatly appreciated.

I’ve looked into these integrations and honestly…they are also pretty bad. Not only do most of them have an additional cost, you must log in to their platform to receive the email.

As much as I hate Contact Form 7 for WP, it functions pretty easy and is customizable. Is there anything simple? Recommendations?

Not free but I use Basin for most simple forms, jotform, machform, and typeform for more complicated requirements. On WP I am a HUGE fan of fluentforms.

Thanks Jeff.

I wish I could mark this as solved but there just isn’t a solid solution yet.

I do appreciate your time!

@Kevin_Mooney Webflow is just providing basic functionality with forms, it’s not their strong point.

There’s got to be a better way!

There is, but based on your original post, you may not like it :laughing:

The typical approach is to use native Webflow form, so that you can style them with the look & feel of your site (versus copy/pasting some hacked form via another service) and to back up the missing functionality that Webflow does not yet provide, through a “glue service.”

The glue services I’m referring to are Integromat & Zapier.

Yes there is an extra cost.

But if you go with the former (Integromat) they have an ample free tier that will get you most of what you could ever need. If you bump into limits with their free tier, then it’s only $9/mo.

So much so, that I use this “stack” regularly:

Native Webflow Form → Integromat → <whatever I need to do next>

If you want to explore this route a bit further, let me know. I’m happy to point you to some learning resources.

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Hey @ChrisDrit,

I’m very interested in this…

The integromat integrations page is a little weak on information (Webflow Integrations | Integromat). Can you talk to me a little more about what it’s capabilities are?


Yea, they just go through the basics, unfortunately @Kevin_Mooney.

Here are a few walk throughs that I’ve put together in the past.

This is a simple set up submitting native Webflow forms into Integromat. I’ve taken it one step further and added some Javascript sugar on top to make it slightly fancier, but honestly it works great even without it, too.

Here’s a walk through of using native Webflow forms submitted into Integromat and then dumping the form submission into a Google Sheet:

Here’s a walk through of using a native Webflow form, submitted into Integromat, and then sending out an email to whatever email address was submitted in the form:

I use CampaignMonitor in that example (which I really love) but you could swap in SendGrid, MailChimp, ConvertKit (my new favorite with a free tier), whatever…

There are many more examples on my site some very advanced, some very straightforward.

Feel free to drop questions here in this thread if you have any. Happy to help.

Hi Kevin and Jeff,

I agree, the only real solution (in my opinion) is that Webflow make things work better. I don’t see how having to come up with a third party solution fits with the Webflow ‘no code required’ paradigm. The styling tools for the forms are great, but form functionality is woeful and very basic; can’t even send different forms to different recipients. This has been an issue since 2015!

If you’ve not already, please add your vote to this Wishlist feature Different email settings for different forms | Webflow Wishlist Maybe one day they will get around to it.

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@grantsenior - Webflow did recently announce “logic” which will allow for some to handle routing based on data in the form. So this part should be resolved relatively soon. See Automate and connect your website | Webflow Logic

Great! Thanks for that, I didn’t hear. I’ll look into it.

Nice, there are some really great things coming up, thanks for that. Hopefully they won’t take too long to arrive; the Logic and Membership tools look interesting.