Why CSS property shows as struck-through?

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Why this is happening

@Stan Can you know this issue?

hi @atakan I really do not know what and why you are talking about as Im not aware of your aim what are you trying achieve.

Anyway, when css property has strike trough it means that is overwritten by selector with higher specificity that may contain identical property with different setting.

Check classes above and also Computed style to understand what selector overwrites this value. :man_shrugging:

hi @atakan it can be related to your overflow:clip try to use overflow:hidden instead. Do use clip to prevent some scroll you are facing. This is when clip should be used. If yes just redesign section.

When hidden is used it should show whole section as expected. Otherwise I had no idea except redesign this section as I see there is too many uses of flex. It should not be an issue but…

Another think you can try is to move any of two containers (wrappers) out of <footer>