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Red strikethrough property; what does it mean?


sometimes, after messing around with a style propperty it appears with a red line over it:

what does it mean? how can it affect and how can i solve it??

thanks a lot in advance.

anyone outthere?
this thing is happening many times as i edit…

A red strike through means you have another class on the same object that is overwriting that style.

thanks for your reply!
…and how can i come back to initial state? not overwriting that style?

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Click on the red strike through text to see what is overwriting it. Then go to that class. :slight_smile:

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I’ve also noticed these showing up on normal css properties that aren’t being overwritten by another style for the selected element. These strikethroughs should only appear when you select and element, and then in the top of the Style panel you click on the button on the right of the classes and then go to a parent class (if one exists). We’re looking into what can be causing this weird bug that shows it when you’re not in that context.

Particularly I’ve noticed this when inside of a symbol. Anyone else see this behavior?


Yes, I"ve encountered them and couldn’t tell why they were striked through. Next time I’ll check if it’s in a symbol.

I have noticed this happening too, often on symbols

We’ve found what’s causing it and fixed it. Yeyyy! :slight_smile: Should work normally when we update our servers.


I get this bug on a Section. Don’t have time to get support for this now, but if you want to look into it, I’ve saved a state with the name “Weird strikethrough bug on Section”.