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Problem been solved

I uploaded this site html css and js to external site after some struggle desktop version is working however mobile version is out of control - nothing like webflow mobile editor. 1. Web swinging left and right. 2. Some images and actions not loading. 3. H1 heading not loading in certain size
Is there any code I can embed for fixed mobile preview fol all sizes or is there online html flusher to fix this?

Add more details. In general, you have a lot of design problems (Like not center content + white background “holes”) in both links.

Your navbar is with139.5% width -or- 1800px width in other breakpoint + fixed position. This is very buggy “not-responsive way” (You get horizontal scroll on mobile - or wierd space depent on the broswer).

My advice. Start from zero with this navbar.

Follow this: Not need for endless styles and tricks for fixed navbar (1 minute of work):

Problem 2:

Without reason, you use endless time negative margin -or- position relative and start moving element right or left (Instead Use padding, margin, flexbox gird and so on) - Again! this is not responsive + very buggy. FOLLOW WEBFLOW university

Summary: Stop using pixel width + Moving element with relative

Example of your “bad” styles:

Follow this:

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