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Extend forum topic auto-closing to 3 or 4 months

2 months is way too short to justify closing a forum post. I have recently hit a few unresolved topics that closed this month on which I wanted to join the discussion (some of which met no resolution). Now, I will be forced to completely re-introduce the same topic in the form of a new forum post that lacks the useful context of the post that closed too soon.

This may just be my opinion, but I think it will reduce duplicate topics. If the moderators need an old post closed, they can lock it… as for unresolved posts, though, those could use a longer life. I think this will benefit the community.


Thanks for the feedback @ctrav I’m upping the limit to 3,000 hours for the design help forum category before posts auto close :bow:

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Wow. Thanks for the fast reply and fast action. Y’all rock.