How to display related CMS Items through MultiRef fields

I have a client whose site is designed around a magazine concept. They have several topical Categories, e.g. “Health”, “Relationships”, and they publish a range of articles, videos, photos and other content that is tagged to those categories.

The category pages, e.g. “Relationships” needs to show all of the different CMS elements that are tagged to it.

When the Editors create a new Article, they enter the Categorie(s) they want in a MultiRef field. However I cannot find any way to get the relevant Articles to select for the Category page.

I’ve tried two obvious approaches…

  1. It appears that the ref fields in the CMS are unidirectional, i.e. I can only see one end of it. That doesn’t make sense in a database, because of course both ends of the reference are essential to selecting and showing that data by relationship. When I build a MultiRef between Article and Category, I need to see both the Categories for that Article, and the Articles for that Category. How do I do that?

  2. Also on the Categories page, if I bind a Collection List to Articles, there appears to be no way to filter by “Articles referencing this Category”. I’ve come across some old mentions of a bug that you were fixing here, and that you’d temporarily disabled this basic feature of the CMS, is it still broken?

If so, please let me know when it will be fixed, and what workaround the editors are supposed to use in the meantime.


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Hello @memetican

Can you share your read only link of your project?

Hey Aaron, unfortunately I can’t, however doing some refreshing made the Multiref field re-appear in Filters.