Need help paginating dynamic list (using multi-reference)


I am trying to create a dynamic slider for each “project” in a CMS collection. At first, I tried to add images within the collection list, to each project, and make a slider linked to it on the List’s template page. This is a problem, because some projects have more images than others, and I found myself stuck with blank slides at the end.

So, instead, I created a multi-reference field in that collection, and then another collection where all the images will be dumped. This way, I can select which images I want from the multi-ref field within the “project”. However, when I place the dynamic list, which is tied to the multi-reference field, it doesn’t give me the usual options of “paginate items” and “limit items” (I want to limit to 1 per slide). See screenshot for visual:

Any idea why this options isn’t available? Or how I can achieve this dynamic slider through my method or another one?

Here is my read only link . (edit: the problem is on the “Projects Template” page)

Thank you!

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Hi guys, is there any solution provided for this?

I hope this is helpful to someone searching cause lawd knows I’m late to the party!

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My workaround wasn’t terribly tedious. I’ve got a Career site with several selectors (category, sub-category, green jobs, etc). I wanted each selector to have it’s own page, complete with info about the selector, and then a pre-filtered list of Careers that have that selector. Specifically for the idea of Categories and Sub-Categories what I have done is:

  • Add a Multi-Reference field in each Category called Careers
  • Add a Reference field in each Career called Category
  • Add a Collection List to the page and connect it to the Careers CMS Collection (not the multi-ref)
  • Set my pagination (it’s over 1000 items!)
  • Set Filter to only show Careers that contain the Current Category
  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Easy workaround provided you’ve got the Multi-Ref/Ref fields on both ends of the equation. Clunky workaround, but effective. Thank all things for Integromat! Without it I would have lost my mind adding these connections manually! (read: I wouldn’t have done it).

Hope that helps someone.