Why can't I just copy paste or delete 1 element?!

So I have a weird problem that wasn’t a problem before. I’m just trying to add a link with the same formatting to my list of links so I click on said link I want to copy:

hit copy and paste…and the whole div that link is in copies and pastes below it:

I really don’t understand why this worked last time I was working in here but now it doesn’t I don’t want to copy the div but just the element without having to reformat…what am I doing wrong? This seems to be the same for deleting. I must mention that I’m using key commands for this, ctrl c/ ctrl v and the delete key on my keyboard. I have reloaded my site a few time to see if it was just my computer being odd but no luck.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Since these are elements within a Text Block element, you’ll need to double click into the Text Block element itself and edit the content more like a WYSIWYG editor.

If instead you were using separate Text/Link Elements within a Div Block Element for example then you would be able to copy/paste the various elements as expected. The way you have it setup now, it’s really only a single element with nested text styles as opposed to elements.

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