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Cannot copy/paste same item multiple times

After the first copy/paste, the designer apparently attempts to nest whatever it is you are pasting. Need to copy/paste individually for every single repetition. OR, you have to copy, then select the parent container, THEN paste multiple times.

I am 100% certain it has not always been like this.

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It’s only link blocks it does it with, any other element is OK, it doesn’t try to nest regular divs even.

Weird! :thinking:

It does it with others as well, it’s just not as obvious because it doesn’t throw an error.


Mouse hovering is only to point out where the pasted elements are going. I’m not clicking into anything.


Oh yeah, it happens once, but doesn’t keep on doing it. Agree, it’s definitely not done that before, I just checked a project where I knew I’d used copy and paste like that.

@Brando… any ideas :smiley:

For me it does it ad infinitum. Unless what you mean is that it doesn’t burrow even further into the nesting.

Yes was about to edit that, it’s not burrowing like a gerbil

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Gerbils burrow straight down, then sideways.

So, it actually burrows EXACTLY like a gerbil. lol

I just knew remembering everything I learned by working at a pet shop would come in handy one day…

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I’m so glad you told me how you knew that… I just now can’t get this song out my head, again…


Hi @magicmark @Cricitem

I’m chatting with the team now to see what the expected behavior here is vs what’s actually happening. Currently it looks like the first paste will become a sibling of the element selected, while all other pastes will be nested inside the selected element.

I’ll post back here when I have more details :slight_smile:


Hello Webflow team! I have spotted another annoying issue that emerged recently (cannot pinpoint the actual date). It is easily reproduced. When you have a div that you want to multiply by copying several time you just copy and paste it time after time, right? That’s how you did it anyway. But that’s not possible anymore. You ctrl+c then ctrl+v once and where before you could continue pasting elements near each other indefinitely now you will paste your next copied element inside the one you just copied. End of the line, you cannot multiply your objects unless they are of the sort that is impossible to paste into (not div-like element).

I am not sure why this behaviour was changed since it is not exactly usable anymore.

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This is exactly what happens but it wasn’t like this even not long ago, so it is some recent change. Obviously it shouldn’t behave like that.

Thanks again for posting about this @Cricitem @magicmark @dram

I confirmed with the team that copying and pasting a node on the canvas using the keyboard shortcuts should create siblings of the originally copied node, and not children.

The team is looking into this regression to find a solution.

The workaround in the mean time, would be to select the parent of the copied node, and then paste — this will create only siblings of the copied node.


Yes, but this will put it at the end of all elements in the parent div which may be undesirable. Anyway, thank you for confirming the bug and letting us know!

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