Why cant I build a simple one page ecom store?

I’m very annoyed with the fact that purchased a simple one page temple for my client who wants to launch a new product. I simple want to use the home page and have one button for purchase.

I’m new to this platform. I came here to take advantage of the interactive website designs and feature. I’m running into a lot of issues keeping what i want on the template and changing what I don’t. My experience has been rather frustrating because I was expecting simplicity.

Because I am on a deadline I don’t have time to go through this course. I watch bits and pieces but problems still persisting. Also when I make changes on the site for the phone its not universal.

Again I am working off of a template to save time but I’m deeply frustrated and I am now seeking help for this matter. I would love to continue using webflows if I can figure it out. If not I’ll just have to go through something simple like a shopify.

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If you want to use Webflow’s e-com, you can;

  • Add your product
  • Drop a collection list on your homepage
  • Bind it to Products
  • Add your product title, description, etc
  • Add your Add to Cart button

Everything will be on one page, except possibly some of the checkout steps, I haven’t used e-com much.

Other options include a Stripe hosted payment page, Shopify buy now buttons, Paypal buttons, Foxy.io, ECwid…

That may have been the wrong move.

The central Webflow framework is designed more for capability than simplicity. Think- photoshop for the web.

The Webflow subsystems, such as ECom, Memberships, Logic, provide basic functionality for basic needs, but these systems aren’t especially flexible and have somewhat of a narrow feature set. They’re designed to provide some in-the-box functionality as part of the framework, but they work a specific set of functionality and design options, and you simply have to learn them well.

None of this says “low learning curve,” but you can build some great stuff.

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