I find it very difficult to get started

Here is my link : Webflow - Life Digital Planner

I purchased a theme and now trying to build an e-commerce store for a digital product. The site will include basic pages: landing page, contact, product, FAQ, and login dashboard for downloading the purchase, online courses page for paid members.

I am struggling to get started with the template. How to make the intro page (i.e. the main page when customers land to the site), how to add eCommerce functions (i.e. product page and checkout), payment integration, login … etc.

I have basic experience in CSS, clickfunnels, shopify, wordpress …etc but I am struggling here to understand. I’ve watches a number of videos, but they seems to be outdated and not aligned with current dashboard.

I look for your support please.

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I am a newbie too. Getting started is a struggle. The videos are full of irrelevencies, flirting, lame jokes. I just finished the 101 course and it does go off topic and include instructions for finding buttons that are simply not there - but are hidden somewhere else.

I am on the Portfolio course now and got stuck again.

The way I am proceeding is to do absolutely everything on the course a number of times until I understand. I am still stuck though, today I can’t utilise a drop down that I created and I can’t delete a database . but hope for a breakthrough today. Utube is also your friend if you want to explore a particular issue.

I am writing down notes by hand. It took me ages to find the undo buttons. Getting to understand the left and right menus and how they coordinate is where to begin. Realise too that these menus hide stuff (esp the right). The body all pages tag is an example, it’s under the click on the blue PC icon (pink).
I find it really hard to find the University, when you do save a tag in your browser. There are quite a few good videos there and I think the product is in the round a good one. It may be better for you in the Utube channel - although the assets must be found and downloaded on the Webflow University page.

  1. Intro Page (Landing Page): To create an engaging intro page, you’ll typically need to customize the homepage of your chosen theme. This can usually be done through the theme’s customization options or a page builder tool. Consider adding compelling visuals, a clear call-to-action, and concise information about your product or service to entice visitors.

  2. E-commerce Functionality (Product Page and Checkout): Most e-commerce themes have built-in features or plugins to handle product pages and checkout processes. Start by creating product pages where you can showcase your digital products, including descriptions, images, and any other relevant details. Configure the checkout process by integrating a suitable payment gateway and setting up options for customers to purchase your digital products. Look for settings or plugins related to managing digital downloads or file delivery.

  3. Payment Integration: Choose a payment gateway that supports digital product sales and integrates well with your chosen platform. Popular options include PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. Follow the documentation provided by your payment gateway and the platform you’re using to set up the integration. This typically involves configuring API keys or credentials and connecting them to your e-commerce platform.