Copying eCom templates into regular pages

Hi everyone -

Fresh Webflow n00b here trying to launch a new site for my startup.

I’m using a template from Flowbase which has about 80% of what I need, another 15% I’ve found workarounds, but the final 5% (maybe most important) is evading me.

Here’s the situation.

  • We sell online cohort-based courses
  • Customers apply for the courses and if they’re selected, they then need to pay for the program
  • The template we’re using has a really awesome eCommerce template.
  • The layout would be perfect as a landing page of sorts for the courses, but…
  • I need everything from the template BUT the add-to-cart button. In it’s place, I would add an “Apply button”.

So yeah - really long way of saying that I want the ability to use the eCommerce template as a regular page, which I can’t figure out how to do. I want to copy & paste all of the components from the eCom template, but Webflow doesn’t allow me to because you apparently can’t copy/paste the add to cart button (which ironically enough, I don’t even want on the pages I’m describing).

How might I find a workaround? What am I missing?

Thanks so much for your help!

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