Why am I being charged for a core workspace?


I have one paid (basic) websites and two other unpaid/unhosted websites in my workspace.

I am shown as being on a starter plan for my workspace plan.

I have one member in my workspace (me).

However, for some reason, WF has and wants to charge me for a core workspace.

I want to just have a starter designer account that I can use to edit my paid basic website. Am I right in thinking that I meet the requirements?

As an aside, when I read "How many people you can invite and collaborate with’ on the workplace starter plan and see 1 seat, I assume that having one seat means that I can invite one person, as I think most people.

However, after starting my site with that expectation, I have had to pay 56USD to be able to invite a developer to my workspace to help on my website. So either the workplace plan is very misleading (at least to me) or there was a some sort of problem where I wasn’t able to use my seat as I should have been.

Overall, this has been a very bad experience and a bit of a disappointment!

I was refunded for the issue, which was good. Still not a good experience overall.