Confusing info about number of sits in Workspace 'Core' plan

We have been using Webflow with the free workspace plan but now we’ve reached out a phase where it would be helpful to add an inhouse collaborator to work in our only website. Thus I am looking to upgrading my workspace to ‘Core’ and pay for two sits. BUT the info about the core plan in the dashboard states a max of 1 sit for Core workspaces!! This makes no sense at all.
And also it contradicts the pricing info on the public site Plans & pricing | Webflow which speaks about of max. of 3 users for Core workspaces!

Can anyone enlighten me on this topic? Do I really need to pay the much more expensive Growth plan to just have an additional Editor??

It seems that webflow support (I emailed them already) is quite busy at the moment, hence the question to the community.

Hello Alejandro, the same thing is happening to me as it did to you. We upgraded to the core plan which says that it has 3 seats available, but then in the workspace, it only shows 1/1 seat. How did you fix it? Thanks.

I contacted support and they acknowledged that there was a mistake in the workspace and they fixed it. Weird that it is still like that for you. I guess you should contact them directly, good luck!