Who do you report to if you know the person spamming your webflow website?

Hi Webflow family,

Can you help? I know the individual who is spamming my website but of course cannot prove this. Does anyone know who I can report this to?

Or am I stuck with spam from one country then restricting me making any sales?

If someone could kindly help me or direct me to what options I have on how to report this then that would be much appreciated.

I am certain that there will be other people in the community who have the same issue.

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Depends on how they’re spamming you.
If you’re talking about spam form posts through Webflow-handled forms…

Click the link at the bottom of your notifications and report them as spam.

Possibly add an IP to your form submission content, so that you can see if they’re all coming from one specific address.

If they are, replace your form handler with one that can block IP’s, or build your own blocker at the client side. For more advanced solutions, check out Cloudflare’s email solutions and Basin’s, which has excellent spam detection.

I don’t see how this restricts you from making sales- SPAM is a time-waster but it doesn’t prevent legitimate customers from using your site.

In general the most effective approach I’ve seen is;

  • Use good spam detection like Basin ( usebasin.com ) for form submissions
  • Eliminate forms where they are not actually needed, and rely on other things, like a paid e-commerce purchase to filter out spam
  • Improve your own processes- push leads into an email folder so that you can process them more efficiently outside of your regular email communications
  • Change up your comms, replace forms with phone, Whatsapp, and other less anonymous forms of contact.
  • Avoid building specialized systems unless you’re a well-funded company who significantly benefits from that investment. They’re generally too easy to get around.

Thanks Michael,

I truly appreciate you taking the time to respond to my concern. There is no form submission going but just pur volume of traffic to the homepage. It is hundreds everyday and my concern is that when I eventually pay for google ads these will get eaten up in seconds let alone minutes (hence my comment about stopping me from making money).

Today I did sign up to cloudfare and blocked Poland and France as countries where the traffic has been coming from.

I will also take a look at the Basin and other suggestions and I thank you for this. Is there anyway I can have a call with you or some sort of direct contact, please? I am not a technical person and could do with all the support I can get.

Thanks once again and hoping to engage with you in the future.

Best regards,


You would generally setup Google Ads as a PPC campaign, so only clicks on the ads themselves in Google SERPS will be charged. This has nothing to do with traffic to your homepage. Google has some mechanisms in place to prevent spamming of ad clicks, and it’s easy to target ads so that they do not appear in specific countries search results.

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