White space at end of page when nav is open on iPhone

Hi everyone,

I appear to be having quite a bad time with our mobile navigation in the last day or so. I found out today that it’s just on my iPhone that this happens. Android is mostly ok, and other desktop browsers at that res seem ok too.

So in addition to this one… Odd overlap behaviour with transformed objects over menu

… I also have a new one whereby if the mobile menu is opened on my iPhone, and I reach the bottom of the page, it seems to create a huge amount of white-space beyond my footer element and allows me to scroll and scroll - if I choose to keep scrolling then the whole nav bar disappears and I end up with total white-space. Closing the menu sends it back to normal again. On Android, it appears to put a small white-space bar at the bottom, beyond the footer, but this is maybe 20px and doesn’t keep scrolling.

Anybody experienced these sorts of oddities with iOS before? I have only been using Webflow for about 3/4 months but these are the first sorts of issues like this I’ve seen, and I get two of them in a day… Typically, on our own site too!

I’m hesitant to log it under bugs just yet in case I’ve done something in a way which is not recommended… As with the other issue, I’d really appreciate any thoughts anybody has and welcome you to look at the share link below.

Thank you

Edit: this particular issue only seems to happen if the menu is sticky. If I set it to Fixed then this seems to work. Is this expected behaviour?

Affected page: v2 Home (any v2 page I have actually…)

Staging URL: https://cursivecrew-f0f56351.webflow.io/v2-home

Read Only link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/cursivecrew-f0f56351?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=dashboard&utm_content=cursivecrew-f0f56351&preview=068e5283dcfd0544a47afe68b3bb27c4&mode=preview