White space to the right


My page has a lot of white space on the right when viewed on the iPhone is both Safari and the Google app.

Google - the page loads ok, but there is the weird white space on the right

Apple Safari

All of the site that I’ve tested work fine in both browser.

Thanks in advance for sharing your geek skills.

@odog, can you post a read-only link of your site, so that we can take a look at the back-end to see what is going on?

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Thanks Seank,
Oops, I should have added it before.


Hi odog.

it does happen also in the designer. Just scroll to the left:


When this happens, it means there’s an element sitting on the right or an element that have big dimensions. So you either need to pass an element overflow hidden so it doesn’t get funky dimensions, or alter the width of some element. let’s see…

Here you go.


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Vincent Rocks!
Thanks so much for teaching me how to get it sorted!

You’ve noticed I quite didn’t find the exact reason for each of the gaps but by passing the sections overflow:hidden, I eradicated the issue.

Gaps on the right on mobile views is a common thing happening when designing with Webflow.

It helped me figure out how to fix it on the page and others.

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