White Space to Right on Mobile

I’m having some trouble figuring out why I’m getting white space when I test the site on my mobile phone. I’ve tried to find an element that may be too large, but am not finding anything. I also noticed that if I scroll to the bottom, and then scroll back up, the white space disappears. Is it possible that interactions might cause this?

Thanks for any and all help.

if there is something that would cause this additional space, but am not finding it. Thanks for any and all help!


In addition, when I use the links in the menu in mobile to go to a page section, the menu is no longer fixed at the top…just half of it is visible.

Something to do with interaction named fade-in-right-scroll-in, used in 3 places. Delete that interaction and you’ll be good.

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That took care of both issues! Thanks so much for your help.

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