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Best browser for working with Webflow(?)

So the new video ( about the new typography options made me excited. But when I tried to work with this ‘clip background to text’ it doesn’t seem to work in Safari but it did work in Google Chrome. Does this mean I have to stick with Google Chrome? Or other question that is raising… if this doesn’t work in Webflow on Safari would it show correctly (after publishing) IN Safari.

With other words, is Chrome the preferred browser for Webflow?

Hi @RAW,

Usually webflow publish the webkit for safari because is always causing issues with small details, I recommend you use chrome because it will allow you to see much better the capabilities of the software.

But, you may encounter situations where safari behaves differently due to lack of updates on some styling rules.

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I use edge and I dont think I have had any problems and its chromium based now.

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