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Not another IE8 question...!?!

Oh Yes - it’s the dreaded IE8 question…

This still comes up for me with clients who are either in the government or work for them. Wonder how people are dealing with possibly supporting IE8 while using Webflow as there design tool of choice? I’ve seen other sites designed in WF totally crumble to pieces when viewed in IE8.

I LOVE Webflow and couldn’t imaging not using it to build a site from scratch but need to support legacy IE8, 9 & 10 along with modern responsive principles.

Is there a checklist of Webflow (html5) features that are not supported somewhere, and how to deal with them?

Thanks - JFly

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I agree with this as well. As a user of Windows 10, I would also love support for using the designer in Microsoft Edge.

As for the HTML5 issues, I suggest contacting Webflow themselves since they created it. You can do so by emailing You can also ask a Staff Member which can be found around the forums.

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