Which plan should I choose to host only landing pages on Webflow?

Hi! I’m planning to design and publish landing pages on Webflow for my main website. While the main website (www.site.com) is hosted separately, the landing pages need to be hosted on Webflow as subdomains (campaign.site.com). I’m planning to create 10 landing pages in all.

My questions are:

Will the CMS site plan be ideal for this effort?
Does Webflow allow me to host multiple subdomains under the CMS plan?
Will the cap on CMS records (2000 items) affect how much content I can showcase?
Will I need a workspace plan for any of my requirements?

I found the pricing plans slightly confusing, so thought I’d check here. Thanks in advance!

Webflow does not include any special ability to partition sites, or to alias sub-pages by custom domain / sub-domain. A “landing page” is just a site, with a domain name, and you’d need 10 of them for these pages.

If the pages are just static content and forms, you can use 10 basic plans. If you need the CMS for something, that will add.

If you’re not updating these sites often, and your form needs are straightfoward, I’d probably host them on Netlify and handle the forms through Formspark or Basin. That will save you over $100/month in hosting fees.

Another option is to build it all as one site, export and host it somewhere else, and you might be able to map domains directly to subfolders using an .htaccess or other routing configuration.

If you really wanted to host all 10 landing pages on Webflow’s hosting, but pay for only one site, you’d need a reverse proxy setup with 10 domains that are each aliased to the correct part of the site. That will likely be tricky to setup.

Workspace plan is more about the design process. If you’ll have multiple unhosted sites, you’ll need a paid workspace plan. If you’ll be exporting sites, you’ll need a paid workspace plan.

Thank you, this is very helpful. Using Webflow for builds, exporting the code, and hosting them along with the main domain would make the most sense in the context of what you’ve mentioned.