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Which Formats to Use for Font Awesome

I just downloaded Font Awesome 5 and watched the Webflow tutorial on using web fonts (

That video recommends using only Woff2. However, Can I Use shows that there are still a number of browsers that do not support woff2:

So, I am wondering, which formats do people recommend to use. The one’s that come with Font Awesome are:

  • woff
  • woff2
  • ttf
  • eot
  • svg

Should I upload all of them? If so, are there any negatives to uploading all of them (such as on performance)? If not all, then which ones?

What are your thoughts?

Only Upload one file type

I Recommend
Font Awesome WOFF2 - 400 Weight
Font Awesome Solid WOFF2 - 400 Weight
Font Awesome Brands WOFF2 - 400 Weight

as those are the smallest KB

Then you can have at it like this:

  • You can upload all versions of them them but its a confusing to manage multiples of the same font and redundant

edit: WF will translate your font