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Icon fonts dont work in IE?

Is this true in general, or is their something you are supposed to do in the backend to get it to work??

On my latest webflow site i am using icon fonts in two areas of my hero section, and both are showing up as the actual letter i assigned the icon font in fontello!

Anyone here know how to fix this?

Icon fonts are just custom fonts, and IE supports custom fonts well. It has been supporting custom fonts first actually, long years before other browsers. I’m using icon fonts and it works in IE without any trouble. What files did you upload? Among .ttf .woff .svg and .eot, IE will use the .eot file, so be sure you’ve uploaded it too.

aha! i wasnt aware IE only used the .eot file. i only the .ttf version.
all good now!

thanks @vincent

Cool Amreet (:

You should upload the 4 files if you want your custom fonts to be supported by all browsers, anyway.