Where do you paste the RSS link?

I have created a RSS feed on my website. I have a form setup that collects users’ email addresses so that they can subscribe to the RSS. Where exactly do I paste the RSS link? Should I paste it as the redirect URL for the “subscribe” button?

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Hey Hardik,

RSS is just a syndication format. It summarizes a feed, e.g. blog posts or news articles, that other systems can poll for updates. It doesn’t have anything to do with email. There are two main ways you can use your RSS feed.

  1. Simply announce it. Put a link on your site, and let people know it’s there. If they have an RSS reader installed they can click that link, and the reader will allow them to subscribe to it.

  2. If you want to email updates to customers, you can use e.g. Mailchimp or AWeber, or MailerLite, and set it up so that new articles will go out automatically when a new item appears on your RSS feed. You can think of this as an RSS campaign. Some newsletter systems also allow you to embed an RSS feed inside of the newsletter, so you can show e.g. the 5 most recent articles.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the explanation. I guess my question pertains to your point #1: when you say “put a link on your site,” can I paste the RSS feed link as a “redirect URL” for the “Subscribe” button I have on my website or should I nest the “Subscribe” button in a link block and do it that way?

Note: the reason I have an email-based subscribe button is because I a making a connection with Mailchimp.

As a redirect URL… do you mean a form redirect?
No… an RSS feed is a data document that looks like this.

If you send users there after a form submit, they would just think your site is broken.

Your RSS link in Webflow looks like;


Just add yours as a link at the bottom of your page. People who know what it is will look for it, and click it to subscribe if they want to.

Look at Mailchimp’s docs regarding RSS campaigns and embedding RSS content into your email templates, you have some good options there too.