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How to add a RSS feed

Does anyone know how I can apply a RSS feed to my website?

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Hi, one thing you can do, is to use a free or paid rss feed service, that will generate some html code that you can embed to your website using the html embed widget.

For example, a free service like FeedWind:

You can copy the feed url you want, setup the look and feel you want, and generate the html code, and then paste that to the html embed code widget in webflow and you get your rss feed…

Hope that helps!

Is there any update on how to create an RSS feed for the new CMS content on Webflow sites?

Hi @gksargent, for the cms, there is a wishlist item for the RSS feed now: RSS Feeds for CMS Collection Items

It is still a feature yet to be made for the CMS. It is a great idea to have an RSS feed, but I cannot give an ETA on this.

Any updates on your roadmap plans for this functionality?

Hi @dkeisari, at the moment, there is no new information yet to be announced. Once there is, this post will be updated with more info. Thanks for your patience, I will be standing right with you cheering when the RSS feed feature is released :slightly_smiling:

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Here you go:


@jmw Excellent! You guys & gals rock! Thank you.

Some feedback on the RSS feed:

  1. Add <dc:creator></dc:creator> field for custom authors of entries (not necessarily CMS authors—they might be different, e.g. if page admin writes a post on behalf of another author).
  2. Allow <pubDate></pubDate> field to be customized, i.e. not just the internal Webflow publication date. For example, our articles are published on certain dates. We may edit and re-publish those articles later on, but want to leave the original publication date intact.

@ConsciousApps Thank you!

And thanks for the feedback too! I’ll check with the team to see what we can do.

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@dkeisari, hi there! I am standing up and cheering right now :gift: :slight_smile: