Where do search snippets come from?

Referencing this old thread that was never solved: Need help with search snippets

I am trying to implement a custom cms field within my search result item. I only have a few choices at current and one of them is ‘Snippet’ -it displays content when used but I have no clue where it comes from and it is not clear at all where the source can be edited. Any ideas?

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Hey Cameron, the search snippet comes from the content of the page that shows up as a search result. In essence, it grabs every element from top to bottom UNLESS you manually exclude it from your indexed results.

To exclude an entire page, go to the page settings and click Exclude these pages from site search results

To exclude a specific element, go to the element settings, scroll to the very bottom, and click Exclude content from site search results

Hey! I did this - i excluded some content - and they are still appearing