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Site search for CMS content only

So as I understand it, the current search functionality searches the entire site for content.

So let’s say I own a coffee shop, and I want to search ‘coffee beans’ in the blog section. The search results page will now throw up any instances of ‘coffee beans’ from a section on the home page, the about section, maybe a product description too.

Logically, you’d think there would be a 'Limit search to ‘x’ ’ on the back-end, however there’s no way to customise at all by the looks of it.

What’s also not ideal is that if I have created the search results page to show an image, title, and description - the blogs that show up in the results will look fine, however the instance of ‘coffee beans’ from a section on the home page will look awful in the middle of the results.

Maybe I’m missing something, but the only way to get any sort of a functioning search is via a third party

Correct and Webflow’s site search index is not real-time.