Site Search Snippet - Where does it come from?

I have site search results that are showing items from two different collections – articles and FAQ questions – which is perfect. The only problem is that the results are not showing a snippet for the FAQs. There is content on the FAQ item (a rich-text field called “Answer,” similar to the Body field on the Article). See example below.

Is there a way to tell Webflow which fields to use for snippets? Any thoughts on why the rich-text for Articles works, but the rich-text for FAQs does not show up? Thanks!


Anybody from Webflow have an idea/suggestion? Thanks!

No way to answer why (without read only link). And live url. I never try to combine two collections in one search - but again first add read only.

Try again to Follow again this steps:

The live URL is – see the “…” that is being returned for all FAQ results, while article results have a snippet.

It was my understanding that you cannot have two separate searches for two different collections? That one search searches all collections?

From the link you posted: “Note: At the moment, sites are limited to one search engine. You can have a search bar on as many pages as you’d like, but they will all search across the same content.” So, if it searches across all content, how can I control what the snippet looks like for all content?