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Need help with search snippets

I’ve been messing with this for days and finally figured out most of how the new Search functionality works. But can not figure out where the Search is pulling the Snippet text from. I’ve looked through all my CMS fields and the text that is displaying on the search pages isn’t in any of my fields.

Here’s my page:

When you get to the Search Results page, items are displaying correctly except for the text under the story title. In this instance the dynamic field called Reads Paragraph Copy under the headline “Wet Weather Wear”

This story is in my Reads Template CMS. As you can see on the below screen capture, I don’t see anywhere where you can designate what copy to use for the “snippet.”

This is a screen capture of the story in the CMS. I want to use the text in the Description field.

Any idea how to accomplish this? If not the “snippet” that Webflow is automatically displaying is worthless mumbo jumbo to me and the user.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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During this beta phase, snippets cannot be customized. But in a future update, we’ll have the option for you to point to certain dynamic fields to set as your custom snippets.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


It helps in that at least I know I’m not doing something wrong. But at the same time, what is being dynamically published is of little use to the reader. Is there not a workaround until we’re out of beta?

Thanks for reply.

Any update here? What do we do with the snippet data? How should we embed that information?

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