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Where can Webflow fit, in a design for CMS workflow

Hi. I am enjoying testing webflow, it certainly seems to have much potential. I am considering using it in a full production and am wondering if you think using it in the following way would be doable. I am considering using it for the the design and template part of my workflow, replacing work that would mostly be hand coded and or done in graphic design tools. Once I have that part done I would export the site and hand code the content management part. I use expression engine so essentially it would mean inserting calls to the database where there is content. I think Webflow is a very fast design tool, but not a content management system ( would not want the bloat ). I would love to use it this way and am going to experiment, but I am interested in peoples thoughts on doing this and any potential snags.

Hi joeomo,

I use webflow just for design mode. For the CMS part i use pimcore…


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Hi Daniel.
Thats good to know, it would be still interesting to have an official nod that, going forward, they would see this use being compatible with their ideas of where the product is headed. For my 2 pence worth I think Webflow as a template design tool that can replace graphics/coding/css frameworks is way more interesting than another Wordpress or SquareSpace.

I’m actually learning modx, it’s great and free
Before knowing webflow i was exclusively using wordpress with ultimatum and genesis framework, but it’s really easier to integrate with modx.
Webflow is changing my workflow, and i’m enjoying learning all this new things :slight_smile:

I’m learning, so if anybody have question about modx, i will be happy to answer (with my little knowledge)

@alexadark Why don’t you write a short tutorial on how you take a Webflow site to a working Modx site? I would be interested in reading that =)

@jorn i’m actually struggling to understand everything myself, so it will be difficult to make a tutorial, but i’m learning looking tutorials on the web, so i’m going to give you the links
and after that i have built a template with webflow, and i am working to integrate it on modx with all the possible options for users to change easily what they want (fo exemple now i just succeed in making possible to change the image slider, text and text button etc…)
For that i ask questions on the modx forum:, and the community is amazing as i have answers generally in less of an hour.
So i’m not able to make a tutorial for the moment, but i can show the path how to learn

this one is very good (i like videos):

take modx revolution (not evolution, it’s the old one)

so the best is to do the tutorials and then try to integrate one of your webflow creations, with in mind what you want to be editable for the client, and also if you want to make a blog, a portfolio etc…
everything is possible!

Tell me if you like it!


Thanks for the links =) Its always difficult to understand a advanced cms in the beginning. I actually gave up on Modx but then I didn’t really needed to learn it anyway. I want to find a perfect cms but haven’t found it yet =D

Hmmm…interesting. Any similarity to Joomla or Drupal? Sounds exciting. Def have me interested.

i don’t use neither joomla or drupal, i think they are more complicated than wordpress, until now i was exclusively using wp with frameworks like ultimatum and genesis
But when i tried to bring my webflow site into wp / ult , bringing the css and js files, and then copying the html (before hadding the dynamic tags) lot of things breaks, the slider, the interaction (well perhaps i have not well implemented my jquery…)
With modx, i bring the files, copy the html, and i have exactly the same website
after, you have to create templates, variables, and other stuff, but there is no php code, there’s a learning curve, but since the beginning you have a working website, and you can make editable what you want, with all the flexibility you need.
make blog, portfolio etc…
all i have read about (and what i’m experimenting) is that is the most flexible cms on the market, and you can do what ever you want, and also it’s very secure (compared to wp)
And there’s not one way to make things but several.
So for front end developpers and creative people i think it’s a great solution.
And for back end developpers they can take it further.
Actually i’m trying to do a complex layout, one page and having the menu dynamicly
and also i have a portfolio that open in a hidden container with an interaction on click, there’s a developper on the forum that is helping me, programming code etc… so the community is really amazing
So take a look to the links i have posted, and feel free to had me on skype: crea-webdesign :wink:


That sound a little like Perchcms. I have my html site and add Perch. I have to convert to php but thats a no brainer. If I just want one paragraph editable thats fine and if I want client to able to add pages making blogposts and so on thats doable to. Still my own html and css. The cms adapts to my design and not the other way around.

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I don’t know perch
this is true for webflow too: The cms adapts to my design and not the other way around.
But modx is free, has a great community, and is very professional

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i wanted to say this is true for modx too!

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Here is my webflow site: (it was for the template market, but has not been accepted, so i can share)
and here the modx site:
as you can see it’s the same (i have put 4 pricing tables, because i’m going to use it in this way)
and absolutely everything is dynamic, menus, portfolios
changing titles, text, images, sliders
making new items for team members automaticly
even possible to change colors with a color picker
for those who are interested, you can download and install modx revolution, and ask me for a copy of my site, then it’s very easy to copy the site on your installation in 2 mn, and you will have access to all the code and back office :slight_smile:

i don’t know why my links appears with smileys, i’m probably very happy to share my work!

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Amazing work alexadark - would be interesting to see how the CMS works behind the MODX version.

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here is the link to download the package:
download modx revolution, install it (very easy like wordpress, you can do it locally)
upload the zip file by ftp or directly in the modx backoffice, in core / packages
then go to system / package management
go to the drop down “download extras” and choose “search locally for packages”, the package will appear, install it, et voilà!

in the tabs “resources” you will se all the sections (it’s a onepage, but i have find the way to divide in section, like pages, that allows the dynamic menu), in each section, go to template variables, you will see there you can change all the texts, images, items etc…

In elements , you can see the templates for each section, where the code is
and among the code you will see the variables, TV, and Chunks (like symbols), and calls to snippets for the portfolio, the menu etc…

Look to the vidéo tutorials i’ve posted in the precedent messages, and use the forums

it took me around 10 days (doing other works at the same time) to learn this (well there’s much to do with modx, but with this base i already can do a lot), but i think now i will be able to integrate a webflow site in modx in one day or less :slight_smile:

one nice thing, if you go to components / configuration , you will see you can change the spacer color (i only do this exemple, but you can really make everything customisable for the client) that’s done with an addon: clientConfig

Enjoy, and tell me your experience :slight_smile:


I use 2 kinds of CMS for Webflow.
CushyCMS and TidyCMS
both has their plusses… both work with “Classses”, very easy! The only problem is that you can’t host at Webflow anynore, because Webflow does not support FTP.

i’am waiting for the Webflow CMS, with Blog options, and Stats (integreted analitics) for the clients. Multi-user, seperate login. And let the designer (me) choose what to edit (by class) or not! :wink: Also the possibility to add (duplicate) a page. Or duplicate a Colums or Section if choosen by designer.

We need to have patients… i am sure the guys working on this!


What do you use more often TidyCMS or CushyCMS?

In the past i use Cushy, but Tidy is newer and more modern looking… They are chancing soon that a client can change everything. (at least, they say!)

We have been using SimpleCMS for about a year now, but Responsive Design is new for us. We are learning and was wondering if anyone had any experience using SimpleCMS with Webflow?