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How can I work out of a CMS using Webflow?

i am trying to get information on how I can work out a CMS using web-flow. I was sold onto your product with the understanding that it was built for the novice coder and more for a designer that does not know how to code a website.

Hi Jazzone,

Think of Webflow as a tool that completely replaces both Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. It makes a web designer’s workflow even faster by going from the wireframe/sketch phase to the prototype/mock-up stage very quickly by bypassing the need to slice out images from a PSD (photoshop document) and code all the elements by hand.

Currently, Webflow does not have the ability to add/edit/delete dynamic data from a database. Maybe in the near future it will.

Because of this, Webflow would be great as a CMS template builder. Once you’re done with the prototype mock, just export your code from Webflow, and import it into your CMS or other dev environment.

If you do not know how to import a Webflow template into a CMS, there are plenty of expert Webflow freelancers to help you out.

Hope this helps =)



Thanks that makes sense.

Before my trial ran out I made a few sites and integrated them with PerchCMS.

@jwburkhard how did you merge your site with perchCMS? I am completely lost and cant understand how to do this. Is there a guide or step by step process that explains it?

I’ll start a video series tonight on integrating into the above systems that I listed.

I’ll even have a service available for a small fee to integrate it for you.

For designers needing hosting I offer managed VPS hosting as well.

The videos and tutorials will be free of course.

Does anyone feel like it’s not effective to only be able to design in webflow once before you export and then any changes made have to be coded by hand or using other software? Webflow is by far the best WYSIWYG I’ve used and I don’t want to have to make changes and adjustments in dreamweaver or by hand. @webflow