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Where Can I Select Image Assets for CMS?

I have found this feature request on the wishlist from 3 years ago, and I find it hard to believe that it still isn’t fixed, but for the life of me I cannot do it.

I have a number of images in the assets, great, simple. I am now moving some pages to be CMS collections as it makes more sense and will automate more things going forward. However, i can’t add an image there without re-uploading? Has anyone got a workaround? Perhaps just putting in the image URL?

From Webflow’s point of view, it is going to save masses of server space surely?


Vote for it here

Thanks Sam, but every feature (all are very standard) I have searched for I find in a wishlist. Or another thread where support says it’s on the way but never confirm an ETA (often years old).

Webflow seem very good at delaying and passifying users rather than actually building in the features that should have been there from day zero.