How to link images from Assets Manager to CMS Page

I’m unable to find an option to link an image from my assets manager to my CMS page. My assets manager contains hundreds of images organized neatly into folders. However, in my CMS page settings, I can’t seem to locate the option to link these images. Is it necessary to upload images manually? This seems rather chaotic, especially since the images are already stored in my assets manager.

I appreciate any assistance in understanding how Webflow envisioned this process.

hi @Suzanne1 it is not possible as CSM and Assets are two independent entities. Your images should be included in your CMS collection. For example an Article from collection Posts can have hero img field, images included in RTE field or collection of images field (check limitations) etc. etc.

The only way (not practical) is to take image URL (from image in assets) and manually add URL into field in CMS. :man_shrugging: