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Where are all the updates?

I expected better software announcement than this. There have been no significant feature update for too long. Upload form, slider widget vertical animation, interaction to work with different screens, custom breakpoints, modal widgets, etc


Definitely see where you’re coming from! I broke out this thread so we don’t lose your notes - Wish List topics are tracked closely.

As for
(1) upload form: this is something we’re talking about (includes ability to route form data to a collection item)
(2) Vertical slider: also working on a new platform update that makes creating components a breeze (including a secret update to our IX)
(3) custom break points is also in the pipeline (although indirectly - the functionality to support this is being built, then soon after custom breakpoints will have a chance to be published)
(4) custom modal/lightbox type widgets will also be available with update #2 above

This plus a WHOLE lot more is coming - but we’re ensuring things are perfect and stable first - be on the lookout for more exciting announcements :slight_smile:


Hi Will,

Is there any update on custom html embeds in cms. I’ve been following this thread and still haven’t seen anything about this being something that will be coming. Thanks!