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When will Webflow provide a multi-lingual CMS?

There is a wishlist item, thats been hight voted for, for years.
Multilingual support. Where you could add multiple versions of a CMS item, 20 language versions? Why not?
Put the cms template item under{Language code}/collection/item.

This support already exists for the ecommerence part of webflow. Just do the merge from the other ecomm branch and get it done please.

We were told late 2018, then early 2019, then “We are going to do it in 2019”… well… 2019 is almost over.

When is this happening, do we really need to build an entire CMS backend, use some scuffed 3rd party geo api, and do an own implementation?

What is the use of webflows “dynamic content” if its not dynamic and forces its users to either change platform or do webflows implementation for them?

Best regards. Please give us a Good, strong, multiple(20) language support for the CMS part of webflow. In 2019…


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@Brando could you please shed light on this?

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@WebDev_Brandon @sabanna

Could you please shed some light on this? :sweat:

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This is a much-needed scenario for my clients also… any updates, Webflow team? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Niclas_Walfridsson and @energidesign,

At this time there is no estimated time of arrival and is still on our roadmap.

That is all I can share with you at the moment.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

How could this, go from.
End of 2018;
Early 2019;
During 2019;
and not theres NO ETA?

I mean, its a big wishlist item, the most top rated one?
Not trying to argue, but if we make business decisions based on your ETA and you keep pushing it forward and now when we ask whats going on you say there is NO ETA?

If you could say there was no ETA in the beginning of 2019 we would have moved our projects or made a 3rd party API wrapper to do something you should…
Feel tricked.

Its horrible…


@Niclas_Walfridsson - In the many years of my career in IT i learned to NEVER plan based on an unreleased feature. Choose products based on what they do today not what they talk about tomorrow.

If you know some PHP, take a look at multi-lingual support available today in Processwire. You will thank me later.


Ofcourse not, but how is that a defence of pushing an ETA multiple times without updateing your user base?

Ill write a wrapper API for now, cause again small feature, set rights to API keys is apprently not a thing, and let us upload .json and .js files to our own root domain, how is this not a standard?

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Could we have some more than, “No ETA bye” please… Were there issues or why did we go from 2018 => 2019 to NO ETA? @WebDev_Brandon

You can make the label any language you want within the CMS itself.

If it’s the language of the designer you are looking for, that is still uncertain at the moment.

There are other features at the moment that we are trying to release that would make way for easier language support. We have to make sure that all testing is done so there are no major issues/breaks.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Hey @Niclas_Walfridsson

Eugene from Weglot. Weglot is a multilingual solution to translate any website. It works very well with Webflow so don’t hesitate to check it out.

You are not developing a multilingual support for the designer right?

I think we want an easier approach to create the website for the END USER, its not that hard really, add some views to handle a relational DB for countries.
Then add a support to add a url structure, and dont limit the CMS to only be in the top level
Make us be able to add folders to the CMS, so we can have URI´s below,{COLLECTION}/{ITEM}{COLLECTION}/{ITEM}{COLLECTION}/{ITEM}

This should be able to do in one sprint… then you can hassle with basing the redirect on browser language/ip afterwards.

Please tell me this is what your working on, and not some multilanguage dropdown in the desginer to change the designer language. :sweat: :frowning_face: