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When there are new templates available?

I like webflow. But the are only a few templates. When are there more templates avalaible ?

Hi Julien, thanks for asking about them. We definitely are lacking a stronger selection of templates, but we hope to have more soon. What sort of templates are you looking for?

Some “business” templates ?

Hi, from talking to the team new templates are coming soon, it would be great if you can let webflow know on what do you need as a business templates maybe a more serious look and feel ?

for example

Ok cool yes at this point this can be done as a one page with the menu on top, but really soon I think the Multi Pages will be available so this example with be really easy to make it, and you will have a template like that.

@julien Multiple pages was just released - you can now create easily in Webflow! @bartekkustra, would you be interested in turning into a Webflow template?

Sure, mail me with all the details. What you need is to create that website IN webflow, right?

Yes, that is right. …

thanks for your message.