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New templates ? Show and tell?

Hi, I like webflow, i prefer to work with available ready to use templates. When are there are more available ? And is it possible to use templates of other users ? Is there a page available with webflow websites made by the users ?

Hi @julien We’re currently working on a lot more templates to work from. Thanks for your patience! Currently we don’t have a system set up for you to use other people’s templates/websites.

We’re also working on putting together a page with website examples.


I’m waiting now as paying member for webflow 3.5 months on the new templates.

Hi @julien, you’ll be glad to know that we will be releasing a template marketplace soon with free and paid professional templates. Should be ready to go by early next week!

Will users be able to sell their templates somehow? Or plugins?

Yeah Bartek, we will allow template submissions, but they have to go through a review process. No plugins, just templates for now.


yay! I’m glad this is coming. Plug-ins will be a welcome addition as well when they are ready.

@thesergie hell yeah!

I can’t wait for something like plugin market on webflow :slight_smile: I have a lot of them already :smiley:

In some day’s ?..

Do you have a date for these new template releases? as it’s been a few weeks now.

Sorry for the delay @Paul_C and @julien. We’ll definitely be launching the marketplace this week! We’re just making a few more templates for ya.

@Paul_C @julien - we just launched the template marketplace:

Check it out!