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When should I use a container and when should I use a div block?

I created a menu bar using a section. Now, i am going to place in the navbar, and next to that navbar will be a text block, and then 3 social media icons.

  1. To house all of these things… do i use:
    –> a div block
    –> a container

  2. It is important to house these things in one box, so they can all be moved at the same time instead of individually.

  3. I understand that if i want to put distance between the navbar and the text block, i will just apply padding, correct?

  4. If i want to design something responsively but i dont want to use a container what do i do? Just grab a div block, and hope that for some magic reason it looks good on desktop?

Would that magic reason be… setting the div block width to %, so it fills properly the parent element?

  1. A person mentioned this before: “wrap document in element that’s centered, width 100%, max-width 1600px. "
    what does ‘document’ refer to? The whole entire page? Create a master block that every block goes into-- the ‘top level block’ is this 'element thats centered, 100% width and 1600px max-width”

Are the numbers above correct/ comments. :slight_smile:


Hello Elliot,

Containers are simply div blocks that have pre set values to center and have a max width of 940px wide. Your usage of one vs the other is entirely up to you.

As for the rest of your questions, it seems that you are quite new to both webflow and html and css in general. I strongly suggest you go watch ALL of the videos over at especially
You can also view a lot of additional content over at webflow’s youtube page:

I was more lost than you in webflow web i tried jumping in before watching the videos. Once i spent a couple of days watching every bit of content they had, I knew everything necessary to build sites. And now a could of years later I am a community expert. Most of my knowledge about webflow now still comes from all of those videos. Please considering taking a break from webflow, watch a ton of those videos, and I guarantee, webflow will make so much more sense.

This is also a great paid course in general css positioning but using webflow as a way of showing it.

Udemy also has a bunch of in depth courses on webflow.

Good luck!


I second this. The videos are extraordinarily helpful.

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