Proper way to build pages

Hi, i’m still unfortunately confused. What is the proper way of creating pages? I should use sections and within sections containers and in containers everything, or maybe i can use section and div block in sections, or maybe i can build everything on div blocks?

Is there any good explanation?

Also i have problem with my second section. Till mobile everything is good, but on mobile text is outside div block, and i don’t know how to resolve this. I know i’m doing something wrong here.
Same with the UNRELATED text on mobile, i cant get this fill block on height. :frowning:

And last thing… when i should define width size on section/div block? Only on main things? Because i see that i was doing 100% everywhere i had option. But i know that is wrong.


HI @takise.domingo welcome to forum. Unfortunately these questions are related to very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The best way to answer your questions will be to take some FREE online courses in written or video form (there is zillion of these on internet) and get at least bare minimum knowledge before starting in Webflow. For HTML take any course you will find but for CSS you should look for an old one (like 2020) as WF is way behind of modern CSS.

Here is example.
Learn HTML

Learn CSS

or check YT


Also when you’re talking about designer layout, there isn’t one “proper” way.
Webflow uses sections and containers to simplify the handling of margins, and it’s easy to use but has some limitations.

If you look at the layout approach in Finsweet client first, they use standard DIVs but with specific layout settings to give a little bit more control.

Look at Finsweet if you’re looking for a guide to real-world designer practices, because they are pretty good at explaining why they approach things a certain way.

If you’ve got text that isn’t wrapping like you expect it to, make sure you don’t have any non breaking spaces. Non breaking spaces are added if you’re holding Shift and hit Spacebar at the same time.