Can Someone Please Explain when to use a Div Block

I am kind of new to Webflow and CSS design in general. I have watched videos on Div Blocks and still can’t seem to understand when to use a Div Block properly. I tend to use Section, Containers, Rows…Anyone have any good tutorials or videos on Div Block use or even a drawn out explanation of them would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @JibbyFlow, you can use a div block to make any shape in your design, from a block to a circle to anything else. Divs are also containers for anything so you can manipulate it as you want. Read this for more:


Hello @JibbyFlow. :smiley:

I like to use Div Blocks to make cards, like the cards that I have on my Tom and Jerry website. It allows you to make creative sections of content.

One of the major ways that I use Div Blocks is to make popup sections. Instead of the user simply scrolling down the page, I keep it fluid by combining interactions and full page divs. This was the main focus of my Web 2.0 site and Tom and Jerry site.


Here is a very simple & informative site. Reads like a little story book…

Containers, rows, etc are just Divs with some preexisting formatting added. Use Divs to make your own columns that function differently than how the prebuilt column does. Use divs to create alternating Photo/Text rows that extend the full width of page. Really there is no right or wrong answer on when to use divs.

Thank You everyone for the insight. I am going to use some of your advice as I enter the world of using Divs more. I kind played around with them a little earlier but nothing really stuck in a responsive format. I was messing around with Absolute, Relative, and Fixed Position with a Div and I guess I have to continue to learn that next so I can pair it with Div Block usage. I really appreciate everyones help and if we can keep the dialog going. I guess I need help conquering or atleast learning when to use proper Position traits in a responsive design world… Any hints ?

So when you need to create a more customized feel past what is offered in webflow with sections containers and rows I should use div blocks ? Any tips on how to keep them responsive as my positioning seems to be way off when I don’t use containers etc.

You should watch the Webflow tutorial about how the Webflow site was built. It’s really helpful and will probably give you some insight. and

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