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Is there a major difference between using a Div block and a Container?


I’m very new to Webflow and I have been following the crash course resource to understand the design editor. So I understand the container perhaps serves the same purpose as a div block, but I can’t differentiate a real major difference between the two?

My main query is, which one do I use throughout my project? Does one favour more over the other or is it a matter of personal preference?

Please help me to understand if you could provide an easy-to-understand example of why I would use one over the other, that would really help!

I’m just conscious that I will be using the wrong one in my design!

Many thanks,

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Section and Containers are design shortcuts. They’re just divs with special properties and sometimes limitations. using a Container means being potentially limited down the road, as you can’t yet convert a Container to a div. lately, though, with the introduction of larger breakpoints, the max-width value of Containers, that used to be locked to 960ish pixels, has been freed so you’re less limited.

If you feel comfortable with the basics of HTML and CSS, and that you realize that a Container is a 960px div centered with margins 0,auto, well, you can stop using it and just craft as many .container classes as you want on regular divs.

While the benefits of the container element is obvious, it’s not very clear for the section, as it doesn’t represent an HTML section tag nor has one affected in the settings tab.

It’s very ok to ditch them entirely and just use divs. Prefer just using div, learn about html5 tags and giv your divs the appropriate tags. This way, you improve accessibility.


Hello Vincent,

Many thanks for your rather detailed and prompt reply I really appreciate your input.

Apologies I should have mentioned, I don’t really know too much about Web development (a little about UX and UI design) so I only know now what the purpose of a div block is (kind of!).

I don’t really know the basics of html and css so again, apologies for my ignorance in the matter.

But the fact that you have mentioned “It’s very ok to ditch them entirely and just use divs” means I can now proceed with a little more confidence in my initial journey into learning Webflow. I’ll just use div blocks in my project.

I hope that my understanding is correct here!

Thanks again Vincent and once again apologies for not being so tech minded, I often find that I need very very basic explanations to help me to understand!

Many thanks again,

Don’t! This forum is meant to provide help for users with any skills.

Basics of HTML and CSS are very easy to learn, there are multiple free courses and introductions all over the web. You’ll be a way better Webflow designer if you know them.


Thanks so much Vincent, you’re very kind I really appreciate that!

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Hi Vincent, so I started this web layout today in Webflow! It’s not much but I thought I’d share with you just to show you my progress today!

I managed to figure out how to use a grid layout as well as using some containers and div blocks! It’s not much but it’s a start!!!

Thank you again so much for your help and support! I’m really loving this Webflow!!!


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That’s the best bit about this forum. That, and the fact that if you hang around long enough, you become tech minded!

Hey Andy thanks so much for jumping in! Yes absolutely I totally agree. I’m super stoked right now! I really hope I can grow here with you guys.

Many thanks!


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